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Fucoidan is a natural substance found in the cell walls of certain kinds of brown seaweed called kelp. It provides a remarkable array of health benefits from the sea. Although getting enough fucoidan means eating pounds of kelp every day, doing so is impractical. Fortunately, you can get exactly what you need in a good fucoidan supplement.

* fucoidan benefits:

protection from viral infections, blood clots, osteoarthritis, kidney and liver disease, chemotherapy and radiotherapy damage, and even snake bites. At the top of the list, though, are the abilities of fucoidan to mobilize stem cells and to block cancer cell growth.

1) Fucoidan May Help with Osteoarthritis Symptoms
In a pilot study of 12 people with osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee, 100 mg of a fucoidan supplement given for three months reduced symptoms of arthritis by 18% and 1,000 mg of fucoidan reduced symptoms by 52%.
2) Fucoidan May Help Fight
Fucoidan fight cancer by immune cell activation and increased production of anticancer cytokines
Fucoidan blocked cell growth, caused programmed cell death, and suppressed formation of new blood cells in thyroid cancer cells.
3) Fucoidan May Prevent Clots
In a cell study, fucoidan increased the activity of proteins that block the coagulation process.
4) Fucoidan May Fight Viruses
Fucoidans protect against many different species of viruses. Evidence for the effect of fucoidans against viruses include:
* Fucoidan strongly inhibited influenza A infection in mice.
* Fucoidan prevented herpes from entering cells in test-tube studies.
* Fucoidans stop viruses from replicating and increase immune defense functions.
* Fucoidan inhibited type 2 dengue virus in cell studies.
* Fucoidan blocked HTLV-1 (human T lymphotropic virus type-1) infection in cell studies.
* Fucoidan may be capable of preventing HIV infection by blocking the enzymes needed by the virus to replicate.
* Fucoidan demonstrated potent antiviral activity against herpes of all types: simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), HSV-2, and human cytomegalovirus.
5) Fucoidan May Protect the Brain
Fucoidan delayed the onset of disease in mice infected with scrapie, a disease that leads to mitochondrial dysfunction in the brain.
lved in Alzheimer’s desease
Fucoidan prevented overactivation of microglia that may lead to neurodegeneration.
Treatment with fucoidan reduces the encephalitogenic response (brain swelling and spinal cord swelling) in encephalomyelitis.
6) Fucoidan May Protect Against Radiation
Fucoidan provided protection from radiation in cells and in mice.
7) Fucoidan May Protect Against Chemotherapy
In mice given chemotherapy, fucoidan prevented gut inflammation and increased the length of villi in the gut.
8) Fucoidan May Protect the Stomach
Fucoidan inhibited Helicobacter infections in the stomach by preventing the bacteria from sticking to gut walls.
In rats given aspirin to cause ulcers, fucoidan prevented the ulcers from developing.
9) Fucoidan Protect the Liver
Due to fucoidan, bladderwrack helps to protect against chemically-induced excess scarring of the liver.
Fucoidan reduced alcohol-induced fatty liver disease in rát.
10) Fucoidan May Fight Malaria
Fucoidan helped fight malaria infection in cell studies and in mice [R].
11) Fucoidan May Help Prevent Kidney Stones
Kidney stones can be caused by high levels of oxalate. In rats with excessive oxalate in their urine, fucoidan normalized oxalate levels. Fucoidans also improved antioxidant status and reduced the risk of developing stones.
12) Fucoidan May Prevent Obesity
Fucoidan increased the activity of the enzyme that breaks down fat (lipase). Fucoidan also blocks glucose uptake into fat cells, which helps with fat loss.
Mice exposed to a high-fat diet gained less weight when fucoidan was included in their diet.

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