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This is Kelly Vu from Texas. I just want to let the world know that I have been using D-One skin care product the first set since February 2017. I was one of the 3 lucky winners that my name was drawn for the lucky price and got to purchase at a special price to try for the first time. And surely the products changed my skin, my looks that make my life so happy. I have been using so many many expensive skin care products out there and trust me this is it! My face used to have lot of pimples and dark spots. But after using the skin care set for two months, I can see the changes of my skin it is now so smooth and shine. I am no longer have dry skin anymore. My dark spot is now much lighter than it used to be. After using the first set, I decide to continue purchase the premium set. This set I can tell right away it works much faster and it sure make me feel great because of my skin has changed so quick. Each of step of this set does different things to my skin. I especially love the recovery serum the most because it is a truly Vitamins to my skin. The night cream is a must because this cream stimulates new skin cell growth. I am on my second premium set and still continue to love the products. I am so glad that I have found D-One to be my skin care treatment after many many years of disappointing the other products. I got lot of comments from friends asking what do i use for my skin? And the favorite comment is you look much younger now. I do recommend at least you guys out there to give it a try. You might end up loving it like me. It makes you feel great and not aging. FYI. I have already purchased the 3rd set to be used next in line.
Kelly Vu Dallas, Texas
My Fiancee has been using your products, both skincare and makeup for nearly a year and swears by them. She looks fantastic and the products have an absolutely beautiful scent and quality about them. Prior to Tam Doan, she used a succession of French, Japanese, and American “name” brands. She tried to convince me of the quality of the skincare range, but it wasn’t until i used the soaps and essential oil on my scalp and skin that i became a convert (love the citrus smell). My mother (87 years old) is very particular about her lipstick. My fiancee has introduced her to your range and she loves the texture, smell and quality. Congratulations. Good luck and ignore the internet negativity that some people share. They’re just a bit jealous i think.Johnathan Cartwright
Johnathan Cartwright From Australia.
I purchased this all natural face cleanser and it’s amazing. It makes my face smoother and my skin glows from the hydration.. It helps shrink pores and wrinkles. THANK YOU!
Carrie Wetzel From Arizona, CA
I don’t know where to begin ! I want people to know my experience with D-One Skin Care , I’m a manicurist for 27 yrs, my skin is very oily, I break out with big pimple on my face due to the acrylic liquid and chemical we used in the nail salon,I have try using lots of expensive product at department stores at malls, seem to not work for me , wasted lot of money on product !! If you know me , you know I don’t wear makeup on a daily base at all ! Just a little light face powder on weekend if I go anywhere just to lighten up the pimple scares on my face. A year ago my sister (Hanh Hance) told me to try D-One ( a product she’s using for 2 months already and it make her skin shine and lighten up) huh I told her NOOO I’m not trying anything no more !!! I spend too much money and nothing work!! Plus it’s too expensive for the D-One Set !!! As 2 weeks goes by I keep thinking about this D-One product that she’s telling me about , should I buy it and give it a try ???? ( ask myself ) what the heck I spend too much on all the expensive brand already why not !! I call Tam Doan shop and order the first set and that was it !! I’m on my second set the Premium set. My face now is so smooth and shine , it clear and lighten up all the dark spots from the breakout on my face , I haven’t got a pimple since I used the product , my skin is not dry anymore , it give me a natural glow ! My friends be asking me what I been doing to my skin ? It’s so bright and glowing. “>
Kelly Dung Le-Tran Nail Technician
D-One is a great brand. In particular, anyone in cold country like Canada like me, you will see D-one Skin Care has great effect in just a short time. Before using TamDoanShop cosmetics, my skin was dry, peeling, even very acne, although I have skin care and daily cleansing milk.  I am very picky with cosmetic,  only use the famous brands. But get no results. After using D-one is great. Only spend 2 weeks with CLEANSER and BAR SOAP, my acne began to fade, significantly reduced. And D-One Skin Tones make your skin as smooth as velvet, out in the air. Negative 10 degrees is still smooth, and does not dry, or peeling off like before.
I use D-one’s lipsticks, and everyone that knows it says “Once Use this lipstick, who needs to get lips tattooed anymore?” because it lasts all day.
This is truth, and I just ordered more this Monday
You guys should try and feel it“>
Yan Nguyen From Canada
MY Skin is the most sensitive type, so when using any kind of cosmetics it is very difficult. But after deciding to choose D-ONE product I am now more confident. I just started using it for only 10 days, but the skin has a clear change. Skin becomes soft, bright. Did not feel as dry as before. Very clean face, smooth, finished with bright dewy skin immediately. Choosing D-ONE is the correct decision :). Just letting everyone in on a little secret, lately my husband keeps telling me how pretty I am, he sAYS:’ WHAT DID YOU DO THAT YOU LIKE A HOT GIRL LATELY?”
hihihi. Thanks D ONE SO MUCH.


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